Sunday, April 27, 2008

Verify this...

So I finally figured out why I'm such a lurker on other people's blogs and hardly comment. It's cause of those stupid word verification things. Like there is even a "word" to verify. It's a bunch of stupid jumbled up letters, and sometimes numbers, that are for the most part fairly obvious and non-distorted....yet still they don't work. I'm not dumb, I know I typed it in right. YOU are dumb you word verifier, it's alllll you!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

new shoes...

Ya know I'm really not one for wearing converse myself, but when I saw these little beauties sitting in the shop, I just HAD to have them. I even waited 6 whole months to get them too! Finally last week they became mine :) HOW cute is that Little Red Ridinghood?!?! And those little mushrooms!!! And the turquoise/red combo!!! Oh my word I love it!!!! I mean this is probably the only pair of converse I will ever own, but totally the best pair ever :) They are part of the 1hund(red) Artists thing that Converse is doing. These ones are by Camilla Engman. Anyhoo, that's all I got! Back to sewing for me!

Monday, April 07, 2008

The sun is shining...

...and I feel good and I'm listening to this :)

You likey? I likey :) I watched a Justin Timberlake concert on TV last night. What a fun show that looks like!!! I would love to go. the only thing that weirded me out and un-sexyed JT was his insanely sweaty knees! Eiww....and weird!