Monday, May 28, 2007

What's New?

I have two new designs up on eBay right now. The first, "Melon Kiss" ends Tuesday and is an ooak size 2/3. A euro style print with three scrumptious colors of swiss dot fabric :) The second, "Candy Pop" ends on Wednesday and is made with my favorite fabric of all time, Tokyo Pop! It is pretty much impossible to find but I happened to have a friend who didn't need it anymore, yay for me!!! So check these out if you like and if you want to be notified when I list new things I have added a signup for my mailing list over there on the right---> Thanks!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

"Purple Flowers"

Yesterday we went to the park to shoot one of two new designs I will be listing on Tuesday (This is obviously not the set) She was being such a cutie rolling around in the flowers and rubbing them on her face :) Here is one of my favorites, she next to never looks at the camera so I was excited to get this one :) I'm not really sure what these flowers are, I tried to look it up and found a picture, but all it said was "Purple flowers" yeeaahhh thanks for the info bud! Anyhow it was a beautiful sea of purple :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lilac wine...

A beautiful melody by Jeff Buckley. But not much to do with this post :)

Decorating. For me it's not an easy task. Not because I don't know what I like or what I want, but because I know EXACTLY what I like and PRECISELY what I want! Can I ever find it? Heck no I can't!!!! Most of the time I am forced to just make what it is I have in mind, but sometimes that is not possible. This for instance, I have been looking for something like this for a long time, but I didn't really want to pay $50 for it. So I waited and waited and finally found one for $15, I would rather have paid like $5 or $10 but whatever. It apparently is a candle holder but you know once you light a candle in there the top is going to turn black, who can sit there trimming the wick every 10 minuits to prevent it? Not me!!! So now it's a vase :) Unconventional as it may be, I think it works!!! I wish it was a different color though, it kind of blends into my walls. Oh well, one day when I'm finished renovating my bedroom and the kitchen, it might get a new color. It will have to do for now. There is a huge lilac bush in the front yard and on a sunny spring day such as today was, with my studio window open, the breeze blows in and with it the slightest scent of lilac. It was too much of a teaser for me to handle and I HAD to get some for inside :) And there we have it. Of course then I just sat there sniffing it and taking pictures :) So much for sewing!


I have been tagged to reveal seven things about me by both Gyl and Michelle. Thanks you bums! Seven things about me hey? This will be hard.

1. When it is really sunny I squint with one eye and have the other one closed. I literally cannot have both eyes open at once. Also late at night, like right now, when the moniter is way too bright for my tired eyes, it's lefty all the way man!!! The latter is in part due to the fact that I have Bells Palsy, VERY strange for a 24yr old girl, and although the stmptoms have only really bothered me badly once, I believe I have perminent damage to my right eye. It sucks, but I am just thankful that my face looks normal, even when it's numb :) (Oooh #1's a twofer!!)

2. My favorite movie of all time is Napolean Dynamite. I have prolly watched it like 500 times and would watch it every freaking day If I had the time. It's incredible ;)

3. I used to play electric bass and guitar. My friend and I fabricated a band called 'Plutonica' and we actually wrote some not bad songs :) Still have the bass and guitar, but havn't played in years!!! The only song I know I can still play is Disarm by SP, which brings me to my next one...

4. From ages 13-17 I was obsessed with the Smashing Pumpkins and I can still sing along with every lyric of every song they ever wrote :) I can also sing just like Billy Corgan, not sure if that is a good thing or what LOL, It might just mean I can sing through my nose:) I'm sure the familiarity of his voice will bring me solace every time I hear it...the kind where you close your eyes and just smile y'know?

5. I had a horrible pregnancy and remember nothing but vomiting, sorrow and tears and that makes me sad.

6.I have a hard time making it a point to talk about myself and I'm surprised that I have made it this far!

7. Ok last one, something flakey, something trivial...hmmm...Ok I hate wearing socks and I hate wearing pants!!!

GOSH that took a freaking hour!!!

I tag: Kerrie,Tanya, Amy, Patty, Cree, Ash, and Becky :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Ahhh It feels good to have a new listing up :) This is my contribution to Limevine's "Soleil" launch. Alot of georgous listings up by my groupmates so be sure to have a peek! This is one of my very fave fabrics, the yellow poetry paisley. Could it BE more delish??? I love this picture of Taya. Eva says she looks like Alice in Wonderland in her big white chair! I totally didnt think of that but it is so true! No reserve on this one. I did a nice little knit waistband on the ribbon pants so as not itch the little one but forgot to mention that in the auction! Oopsie!!! Anyways Have a peek at my auction here if you like :) Thanks for reading!!!