Thursday, June 28, 2007


She loves her some icecream!

I love these :) The top is by Angie, pretty*me, love it too :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Just love lillies

Not much point to this post other than I love lillies! Specifically Stargazers, the hybrids just have no scent at all! What's the point of that? I didn't know that when I got these ones. Now I know :) Did you know if you eat a pink wintergreen mint at the same time as a red Mike'n'Ike it tastes like a lily smells? Well it does kinda :) Today I'm just peeling the dreadful faux tile puffy wallpaper off our kitchen walls. It's totally the ugliest crap I have ever seen!!! Luckily it replaced some wallpaper that was on their since the house was built so the walls are in perfect shape :) Gotta love that!!! Later I'll prime my closet walls. Bits and pieces at a time :) I can't stay on one project for too long or I'll abandon it. That's just me so I'll work with it instead of trying to fight it :) Welp, that was a nice little break! Back to it...

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Woo Hoo! I finally got something useful running on !!! I'm so excited! It obviously is not finished and will pretty much be a site with all my links, but I can't exactly put my eBay URL on my business cards for local customers y'know? I'm also getting my Etsy store up and running. I will be selling appliqued tanks and T's and long sleeves probably. Hopefully some other "stuff" too. Pin cushions or something. Who knows, I'm just looking to expand a little, although I LOVE designing and sewing clothing, sometimes it gets a little monotonous. I recently made a quilt and stuffie for a friends baby shower(sorry I was in a rush and didn't get any good pix) and I quite enjoyed it!!! So who knows what I will sew up(heaven knows I have a LOT of fabric), but I will keep you posted and let you know when I have the store stocked :) Anyways just wanted to share what I have been doing while I'm slacking off in the sewing department :) Oh also I'm starting the makeover on my bedroom, so stay tuned for that, I think it's going to come out pretty cool :) Pretty GREEN and pretty cool :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Could it be?

Have I actually found something that will keep little Taya entertained for more than a nanosecond? Could the girl with the attention span of a FLY really play with this thing for hours? It seems that way!!! Now lets hope the novelty doesn't wear off too soon, cause I like me some sewing time that is not interrupted by a whining "I want" every 2 minutes. So it's this, Playful Penguins Racing game! WOWEEE!!! I LOVE this little thing. I just think it is the COOLEST toy ever and when I walked into the toy store in the mall today and heard that all to familiar "squeak click squeak click" I felt a wave of nostalgic joy come over me and just KNEW I had struck GOLD! I actually hollerd out "Woweeeee look at that!!" dork. We had one of these when my little brother was a toddler and I haven't found one since! I couldn't get one on eBay cause I had no clue what it was called. Anyhow, if you can find one, seriously GET one, they are freaking cool and Taya sat in front of this thing for 2 hours straight today!!! Hey at least it's not TV. Mama needs a little break to....well all I did was watch TV...but wherever, like I ever get to watch TV, HELLO Bob's last day today and we had an Islander on the show!!! That was awesome!!! He totally bailed and it was the funniest freaking thing I have ever seen on Price is Right. But he won a car and he was a cool guy:) How Fun for him!!! Something about us, you just know a west coast Canadian when you see one :) If you watched today, he is a pretty good representation of what west coast Canadians are like. I will miss good ole Bob though! Price is Right is the BEST show ever. OK now I need to do something productive that does not involve the computer. My friend just emailed and said "Let's do lunch"....but I read "Let's do a launch". Time to get off the computer I'd say ;) Laters!!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Prepare to be disgusted...

If you're not on a diet now, you may be soon....or at least be skipping KFC. I for one don't think I can go there again after seeing this. I was tagged by Michelle to post a song that is a story of my life or something of that sort. So while reminiscing and listening to some of my old fav's from years past I come across a new Silverchair song. Digging deeper and roaming around the Silverchair videos on youtube, I come across this. At first I thought it was a joke, being now 2:30 in the morning-I am feeling a tad delusional, but apparently not! It is so disgusting...SO disgusting that I simply CANNOT stomach, or justify eating there ever again! Bleach. Have a look:

Yukkers. Still looking for that song that says "me". I have ALOT of favorite music. It just happens to have gotten lost in my mind, buried deep in crying babies and potty training woes ;)