Monday, August 27, 2007

Hook line and Tinker...

Ohhhh cheeze fest on that title or what? Sorry I sometimes can't help myself! Just wanted to share this picture I took on the weekend. We went to my cousin's house on the weekend and she got 2 baby bunnies! The grey one is 'Tinkerbell', the black and white one that you can't really see only has 3 legs and the other one is a stub! Apparently his mama ate it, Talk about a bad mother! So he is aptly named 'Hook'. That's all for now, I have some more that I might share later :)


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Urban Oasis

Finally a new design from the studios of moi! This is really on of my favorites ever. I was inspired by my hometown but more specifically Market Square. It's my first destination when we spend the day downtown. You think it's because of the delicious fudge shop don't you? Well you are correct hehehe, I am a sucker for maple fudge and you know I picked some up down there :) But it's not just the fudge. If you take a peek at my auction you will see why I love it so much. It's absolutely gorgeous!!! I can't get enough :) Anyhoo, I won't go on forever, I need to get sewing for the Indelible launch!!! Lets hope for some nice weather for photos cause right now it's raining...again...surprise surprise! Thanks for peeking :)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I remember when...

The summer was a summer. A real SUMMER. This year we have had maybe 2-3 weeks worth of NICE weather combined here in Victoria. I remember the long summer days when I was little. Full of home made slip'n'slides and blue raspberry pop. And the long summer nights when I was a teenager, full of...well driving around, just cause we could lol! Even last year, although it was a scorcher, summer came very early and seemed to drag on forever! this year though, very disappointing! Taya is old enough now to do alot more things and we are sitting here doing nothing very summer-like at all because it is raining!!! Now September is less than 2 weeks away and we will be into fall. The whole year seems to be FALL around here! I know I know, pacific north west, rain rain rain, but COME ON! Throw me a bone here...or an umbrella or something!!!! I had big plans for this summer. Sheesh this post has turned into quite the whine fest and for that I am sorry, and I am sure that plenty of you live in the hot hot heat all year around and would love a little rain, but seriously, you KNOW how I hate wearing socks and shoes, I just don't wanna be soggy anymore!!! Frig, I can't even believe we are in 2007. I remember laughing in 2000 at everyone getting so excited for the winter Olympics here in Whistler in 2010 thinking bahhh that will NEVER come! And NOW that is only 2 years away! Ahhhhh somebody help I'm tripping out and feeling old LOL

Ok onto more important things. I will have a new listing up tomorrow!!! Weeeee!!! I'm really excited because it has been quite some time since I listed and I really enjoyed every step of this one, from the inspiration of the design conception to the photo shoot to the putting together of the auction template :) i am starting on my set tonight for the Joel Dewberry "Indelible" launch this Thursday the 23rd as well. There is a link over on the sidebar there that will take you to the auctions once it starts. I have seen some sneak peeks and so far everything is looking super fab!!! There are some unbelievably talented ladies involved and with Joel's fabrics it's going to be a treat for the eyes for sure! sorry no interesting photos today, I have a replacement monitor but no time to find anything related to my post :) Have a great day!!! Check back tomorrow for my new design...orrrrr sign up for my mailing list (also located in the sidebar over there---->) and I will just email you when it's up and running. Have an awesome day!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hey there...

Ohhhh let me share my new favorite song :) Although it's 2 years old, it's still my new favorite song. This is just one of those songs that is so perfect that you think you have loved it for years but just didn't know what it was called, know what I mean? Like a new friend you meed that you feel like you've known forever! You know I love it so much I *may* even bust out the old guitar and try to learn how to play it :) Woooooo excitinggg!!! hehehe :) Anyhow, you listen here, you will just love it...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I'm really loving the quote of the day over there. "We're adults. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop." Couldn't be more perfect for me on this day...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Daily Grey...

Ok so I should be sewing but my contacts were shriveling up in my eyes so I am doing a quick soak so they will last till this pair of pants is done :) So While they are soaking I was looking around on Facebook a little and just had to add this Daily Grey's Anatomy Quote thingie! And I'm gonna bring it over here for fun :) So Lookie over there somehwere ---> and you will find a little something hopefully daily :) If the quote is less than interesting I probably will just skip that day. This will get us addicts through until the season starts up again. Ok... so it will in no way be a substitute for an episode, but it's like a small morsel of something when you are starving, better than nothing! Am I the only one who says "Seriously" in my head alot? Cause seriously, I think it all the time. Seriously.