Thursday, February 05, 2009

Oh my!

I'm sorry folks (Nic) I have been SO ABSENT! My poor blog has been completely...whats that called when you don't take care of something? I don't know, I'm pretty tired and I can't think...whatever it is, that's what my blog is ;) If you all are wondering wherever has Emily gone...I'm still here! Here I am Here I am!!! I'm just a very very busy mama! In the begining of November I moved out on my very own for hte first time ever. Yes yes I lived at my parents until I was 25. But me and the little peach are on our own and I am the lucky worker of 3, count em, 3 jobs! I snuck back into the Insurance Industry this month part time and so far so good! I'm really liking it, it's a very small office here in my very small town :) So I do that 3 days a week, I clean a very gorgeous and very huge house one day a week and then there is of course and most importantly my photography! Things are going well, my website is FINALLY UP!!!! Ohhh linky here my friends. So sorry I didn't share that sooner. It's taking a while to build it up with all the business (I'm trying to spell busy-ness there actually). So slowly but surely things will come together and things will stay updated. Just gotta find my flow! Anyhoo, enough of me and my tired blabbing, here are some shots I took of my very good friend a bit ago, I have known her since we were out kids age. How trippy is that! She is about to be the proud mama of twins!!! Today actually now that I think of it, TODAY was the day! I can't wait to meet the little pumpkins :)Anyways, I'm working on a wedding right now so I haven't had time to process more than these 3, but I do love these 3 very much and I hope you do too! Have a gooder :)