Sunday, September 30, 2007


out of the clear blue sky? Ok so there are a couple wispy clouds, but this was a funny sight! This was a few weeks ago of course, it's now in full on overcast rainy cold mode up here. A cool pic though, me likey :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just sharing this pic real quick. We went to Butterfly World. Actually I think it's called Butterfly Gardens now, but when I was a kid it was World, so world it is. 'Gardens' just seems kinda granny to me. I think they were just trying to be like Butchart Gardens up the road...ripper offers. Anyhoo, here's a shot of the little peachy cheeks and some kind of tiger butterfly :)

Moving on...

Well by the 42.7 times I have seen Cinderella in the past week it seems we have moved on fromthe "Dora, Diego, Telletubbies & Blues Clues" stage! I guess it's on to Cinders and Nemo and the likes. It's bittersweet. As much as I have grown to love those precious characters *snort* It just goes to prove that baby girl is getting older. I don't like it! She is 3 plus 2 months now. I really didn't think she would get older than 1. Once again time is tripping me out!!! Speaking of getting old, does anyone notice that Candy Corn really tastes like fruity plastic and not the glorious deliciousness I thought it was when I was a kid? Weird!!! It also just cut my finger opening the container. Stupid fruity plastic piece of crap! Hmm what else. It's getting cold here. Not that it was ever that hot, but now it's really getting cold. And leaves are starting to fall. And it was raining for a couple days. It's sunny today, but it's still cold. Inside the house it is anyhow, I HATE waking up to coldness. HOW can I get out of bed when it's cold? Once my feet get cold there is no heating me up. I hate iiiiitttttttt. We have a furnace that does the whole house but it takes the temp in the upstairs hall. That doesn't really help ME downstairs. I freeze, they boil. Whatever man. Here we go again with the on and the off and the on and the off of the space heater that I will once again be at the mercy of. Friggin heater. Ok enough complaining, have a nice day!!!!! :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Magic Box

Just wanted to share this pic I took last week. Some new editing techniques I am trying out and I think I likey!!! Kinda looks like she is peering into some kind of magical box with light beaming out. Oh and she picked out her own "hairdoos". Made me cut that elastic and make it onto a headband. Pretty good taste I'd say!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The middle name game...

Ok, thanks for the tag Michelle! Heres my thing, I had to take my middle name and put something about me for each letter. Luck me, I have two freaking middle names lol. Emily Jane Alina, yes that is me and here is some stuff you may not have known:

Now for the tagging. I'm not tagging 9 people, it's too much work and thinking, so i'm tagging 3 - Eva, Nic, and Amie

It's called a Kleenex!

Oh FFFRIGGG. Get this one. I went to the drugstore to grab something and Taya was a rotter the wholeeee time. She was being so bad and I kept saying I was gonna pinch her if she didn't start being good. So she goes "no your not" in one of those sing songey types of cheeky-arse manners(first time she has ever done that) So I pinch her cheek and she starts crying SOOOOOO loud and won't stop. That is pretty usual...that is not the bad part yet, ok, it happens, crying happens in the store sometimes. K THHEENNNNNN, we are in the check out line, she freaking picks her nose and then tries to get rid of it on the magazine rack!!!!! Believe it or not that is NOT the worst part yet :( The guy behind her is like "Ohhh nooo that is not the right place for that, a tissue is the right place, if you put it there, then other people get your boogers" OHHH MYYY GGGGGOODNESS I WAS MMMOOORRTTIIFFIIEEDDD!!!!!! I was soooo embarrassed!!! HELLOOO ever heard of whispering "Pssstttt mom bla bla bla" instead of pretty much ANNOUNCING it SO loudly that everyone in the friggin store can hear??? Phhhtt What a douche!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What to say today...

Hmmmm I am long overdue for a postaroo! Time goes by so fast, next thing you know it's winter! Ok sooooo, What have I been up to. Well we went to the Saanich fair here on the weekend, It was awesome, horses, sheep, giant geese, the whole bit. I'll do another post on that cause I don't really feel like it right now. Anyhow I listed some stuff on eBay, lots of my favorite jeans that I have been procrastinating on listing. They are so cute! Check out my stuff. There is also a SSB resell up as well. More to come for sure, I have TONS to list! Another topic, my Daughter continues to crack me up more and more each day. She is getting smart on me. when the drink I give her is not the specific flavor she wanted it mysteriously goes missing, I say, where did it go? And she replies with, "I just almost appears I guess" That is her version of "It disappeared" followed by "Ohhh well...just hafta get a new one I guess" with an innocent little sigh and shoulder shrug. Typical kid behavior right?

I'm tired today. Like REALLY tired. I just got new pillows and they are soooo soft and snuggly so my bed is calling me even more. I had to get the new pillows cause I wached Oprah on Monday and they were doing the whole microscopic thing with the pillows and the beds and *shudder* uck! I had to get new pillows. It was time for new pillows....I wish I could go to bed early...but Tornado Taya always leaves me something to do after she retreats to dreamland...or should I say, song singing blanket tossing care bear playing with land. Oh well at least the tornado comes to a halt at night long enough for me to make her a clean floor on which to empty the toybox on. But you know, I like the mess...I'm glad there is a little someone making a mess for me to clean :) I love it :)