Monday, January 28, 2008

Tap this thing on?

Little Taya has added Tap to the dance roster! She loves ballet too so I picked a class that is half ballet then half tap. These dang shoes cost a fortune!!! And she said they were too slippery and took them off. Harassed for MONTHS I have been, a jillion dollars I spend....and she takes them OFF. Jerk! But I think it would help if the teacher didn't have them running from one end of the room to the other in them? Plus there are mirrors on the wall and most of the kids just stare at themselves the whole time, so now they are watching themselves run with the slippery's not good. Hopefully next week will be better. Those are my baby's striped leggies there :) Can't get enough of these striped knee socks!!! Ballet tights suck! First off-they don't match ANY bodysuit I could ever find. Secondly-they snag and pill real easy. Third-they stain real easy. Fourth-they cost too much. Fifth-you can only use them one place. Sixth-they get that little old man wrinkly loose skin look right at the ankle and that really drives me crazy. And seventh-people love striped knee socks! I suppose the fifth reason could go for the bodysuit, tutu and footwear too... but whatever. Anyhoo, just wanted to share that little pickie! It's so hard to get a good shot...them there 3 yer olds is wiggley!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thanks kid!

So Taya keeps sitting on the toilet without putting her kid seat on there. And she falls in every time. It's at the point where this is now ticking me off. I have given her the lecture about putting on her seat so many times it's not even funny. So tonight I'm givingher the lecture, because once again she has fallen into the toilet, "You HAVE to put on your seat Taya, the seat is for girls with little bums like yours so they don't fall in! You have a little bum so you need a little seat! " and she replies "Yah, only mama has a big bum" .......ok ummmm.. totally not my point but whateveeeerrrr! "Yah...that's right..."

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Woooahhhh we're half way there..

Wooooaahhhhhh livin' on a prayer! Sorryyyy couldn't help it, this is my 50th post, so I'm half way to 100 :)

Today is also my sweet group Limevine's 1st year anniversary!!! Yay for us woo hoo!!! And we are Celebrating with a good ole' fashioned Jubilee. Click the pic too see all of our listings :) Have a good night :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

P.S. I Love You

More like PS I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan! Oh man guys, you GOTTA see this movie! Love love loved it! Bring kleenexes cause you will definitely cry. I cried alot so that means you will probably cry at least half as much as I did. I'm really bad with the crying thing. I always imagine that whatever terrible thing is happening, is happening to me. Especially when people die. Ugg that is the WORST! But on the bright side, a nice...very nice bright and sunny side get to see Denny naked. Yes, that's right ladies... naked Denny. And it's as good as it sounds :) And plus he sings, and plays guitar... and carries a bail of hay... a big heavy one:) Also there is Harry Connick Jr, and Gerard Butler. So pretty much it goes cry, drool, cry, drool, cry, drool... Well you get the idea. I love it, can you tell? I hope I get to marry one of those men that get better looking as they age, like George Clooney or Jeffrey here. I gotta give Hillary Swank props too, she was really good! Prolly why I cried so much. And this is definitely not a movie you go see with guys. Go with girls for sure! K, g'night!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Pale Force

YESSS!!! This is the best game ever LOL. If you are a faithful Conan watcher you will love this :) If you are not, in fact, a Conan fan, you'll prolly just think I'm a weeeeirdooo!!!! Which is totally fine, I'm ok with that :)