Saturday, January 12, 2008

P.S. I Love You

More like PS I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan! Oh man guys, you GOTTA see this movie! Love love loved it! Bring kleenexes cause you will definitely cry. I cried alot so that means you will probably cry at least half as much as I did. I'm really bad with the crying thing. I always imagine that whatever terrible thing is happening, is happening to me. Especially when people die. Ugg that is the WORST! But on the bright side, a nice...very nice bright and sunny side get to see Denny naked. Yes, that's right ladies... naked Denny. And it's as good as it sounds :) And plus he sings, and plays guitar... and carries a bail of hay... a big heavy one:) Also there is Harry Connick Jr, and Gerard Butler. So pretty much it goes cry, drool, cry, drool, cry, drool... Well you get the idea. I love it, can you tell? I hope I get to marry one of those men that get better looking as they age, like George Clooney or Jeffrey here. I gotta give Hillary Swank props too, she was really good! Prolly why I cried so much. And this is definitely not a movie you go see with guys. Go with girls for sure! K, g'night!