Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Etsy Shop and a little sumthin FREE for you!

Good evening everyone! I have had my Etsy Shop open for over a year now and have never listed anything in there. How silly!!! I finally listed up 3 things and one is a brand new design just added this evening and it's a custom!!! I wanted to celebrate my Etsy grand opening by offering a little something free from me :) Not sure what it will be, big or small..who knows. I will let the winner inspire me :) So just leave a comment and I will do one of them ther random number picker thingamajiggers ;) It will be open until you see me announce the winner. Thank you all for being so awesome, supporting my business and allowing me to stay home with my little pumpkin :) Oh and please sign up for my mailing list over there -----> to receive notification of new listings and specials!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I need help!

Well, I have no idea what I'm doing and I need some help. I want to start selling locally but the locals are not interested in paying the kind of money I'm used to getting online KWIM? So I need to sell simpler things. The only problem is that I need to buy fabric wholesale and I don't know how to go about doing that. If anyone can lend me a little hand and help me out I would be forever and ever grateful!!!! I have a source for wholesale AA gear, just need the fabric :) You can email me at if you are able to help. Thank you!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

It's a real shame you know...

It's a shame that I like my hair best about 12 hours after it's been washed and done. Which is usually when I'm on my way to bed or just laying around on the couch, and usually about 4-6 hours too late. When it's freshly washed, its frizzy, when I straighten it, it's flat. I use a root....fluffer upper, whatever that's called...and it does work...but like I said, it still looks best 12 hours later when I've run my hands through enough times to calm the frizz and it's straightened itself and the ends have curled themselves under. Ah well, maybe someday there will be someone else around to enjoy my good hair at that time of the evening :) Anyhoo, just sharing that little bit that was on my mind and also I have this little number ending in the morning. So far no action on it, but it's one of my favs (do I really say that ever time?). And I have this here adorable dress available on And last but not least I have these two resells available and ending in a day and a bit. Welp, that's all for now I suppose. I'm headed for a teensy trip up Island tomorrow for lunch with family. I used to live there for two years and it sucked a butt. Just a visit should be ok though ;) alrighty, laters!!!