Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What to say today...

Hmmmm I am long overdue for a postaroo! Time goes by so fast, next thing you know it's winter! Ok sooooo, What have I been up to. Well we went to the Saanich fair here on the weekend, It was awesome, horses, sheep, giant geese, the whole bit. I'll do another post on that cause I don't really feel like it right now. Anyhow I listed some stuff on eBay, lots of my favorite jeans that I have been procrastinating on listing. They are so cute! Check out my stuff. There is also a SSB resell up as well. More to come for sure, I have TONS to list! Another topic, my Daughter continues to crack me up more and more each day. She is getting smart on me. when the drink I give her is not the specific flavor she wanted it mysteriously goes missing, I say, where did it go? And she replies with, "I just almost appears I guess" That is her version of "It disappeared" followed by "Ohhh well...just hafta get a new one I guess" with an innocent little sigh and shoulder shrug. Typical kid behavior right?

I'm tired today. Like REALLY tired. I just got new pillows and they are soooo soft and snuggly so my bed is calling me even more. I had to get the new pillows cause I wached Oprah on Monday and they were doing the whole microscopic thing with the pillows and the beds and *shudder* uck! I had to get new pillows. It was time for new pillows....I wish I could go to bed early...but Tornado Taya always leaves me something to do after she retreats to dreamland...or should I say, song singing blanket tossing care bear playing with land. Oh well at least the tornado comes to a halt at night long enough for me to make her a clean floor on which to empty the toybox on. But you know, I like the mess...I'm glad there is a little someone making a mess for me to clean :) I love it :)