Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's called a Kleenex!

Oh FFFRIGGG. Get this one. I went to the drugstore to grab something and Taya was a rotter the wholeeee time. She was being so bad and I kept saying I was gonna pinch her if she didn't start being good. So she goes "no your not" in one of those sing songey types of cheeky-arse manners(first time she has ever done that) So I pinch her cheek and she starts crying SOOOOOO loud and won't stop. That is pretty usual...that is not the bad part yet, ok, it happens, crying happens in the store sometimes. K THHEENNNNNN, we are in the check out line, she freaking picks her nose and then tries to get rid of it on the magazine rack!!!!! Believe it or not that is NOT the worst part yet :( The guy behind her is like "Ohhh nooo that is not the right place for that, a tissue is the right place, if you put it there, then other people get your boogers" OHHH MYYY GGGGGOODNESS I WAS MMMOOORRTTIIFFIIEEDDD!!!!!! I was soooo embarrassed!!! HELLOOO ever heard of whispering "Pssstttt mom bla bla bla" instead of pretty much ANNOUNCING it SO loudly that everyone in the friggin store can hear??? Phhhtt What a douche!