Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ahhh the onset of spring :) I am trying to FULLY enjoy the spring time now that it is finally here :) After months upon months of rain and mud, I welcome spring with an open sunroof and sandals galore. Boy was I tired of wearing shoes! I HATE shoes!!! They make my toes clausterphobic, who knows if I even spelled that right, but that's what they are when I have to wear shoes. The piggies have a mind of their own. They like fresh air and they wiggle around like they just might DIE if they can't get loose immediatly! As for the sunroof, I love it. I have a black Honda and it gets HOT in there, I also have no air conditioning and each year I don't think I'll make it another day in that blistering ovenmobile. At least the sunroof lets the heat excape, but then I have the sun burning my skin right off. I dont wanna be wrinkly so I wear my pink Jimmie Johnson cap, but hten I get sweaty and that is gross. I can't win, lets face it, I need air conditioning!!! (See what I mean about the complaining? Story of my life...)

Don't know how I got to toes and sweaty hats but my point of this post was to share these pics of Taya. With the onset of spring comes her rejuvination of her love of bubbles!!! She'll take any bubble in any fashion at any time of the day. These were Miracle bubbles with a wand at about 2pm ;) I love her bubble blowing face, as if filling your cheeks with air till they almost burst is at all necessary. We got this bubble container thing, let me tell you what a saviour it has been! I'm looking forward to NOT stepping in goo on the deck, this kid spills bubbles like nobodies I'm sure all 2 1/2 yr olds do ;) Anyhow it's a no spill bubble bucket. I see they have Dora and Diego ones now, but we have an octopus. Get one, you won't be sorry!!! And how I overlooked this little gem I don't know, but Toys'r'us here we come!!!