Saturday, April 14, 2007


Ok Ladies get prepared to see the smallest computer desk EVER. I did it on purpose. As discussed previously, I'm MESSY. I wanted to minimize the space in which to make a mess so I got the smallest desk I could find. As you can see there is room for a tea cup or two and the small messyness has to stay on the keyboard tray underneath :) This is the corner of my....whatever. My place is just one giant room, so this is the corner of my giant room LOL. TV and couch is behind me, that is Taya's armoire beside me and the rest I just use for a play room... it all ends up a playroom anyhow so why not just make it the best and funnest you can right? Ok so as we can see the speakers have fallen on the floor and have been there for 2 weeks actually...yup! I'm THAT lazy haha, who wants to wrestle that mess of wires back there? Not ME! I can hear them just fine from down there;) We have a photoalbum in there that is full of BEAUTIFUL images not taken by me....lets just say I used to work at a photlab...the rest of that sentence would be illegal so we will leave it at that ;) Hmm what I even supposed to be giving commentary on these or???? Whatever I'm doing it anyhow, over to the left we have an awesome headband that Gyl made me to match my awesome Rhembein bag. She is also the kindly lady that tagged me. We also have an adorable hair flower by Geeta of Babette!. Also some "decorating" by Taya. And now you are bored so I'm just gonna shutty :) Who the heck do I tag? Becky? Bwahaha I have seen yours :)