Friday, June 08, 2007

Prepare to be disgusted...

If you're not on a diet now, you may be soon....or at least be skipping KFC. I for one don't think I can go there again after seeing this. I was tagged by Michelle to post a song that is a story of my life or something of that sort. So while reminiscing and listening to some of my old fav's from years past I come across a new Silverchair song. Digging deeper and roaming around the Silverchair videos on youtube, I come across this. At first I thought it was a joke, being now 2:30 in the morning-I am feeling a tad delusional, but apparently not! It is so disgusting...SO disgusting that I simply CANNOT stomach, or justify eating there ever again! Bleach. Have a look:

Yukkers. Still looking for that song that says "me". I have ALOT of favorite music. It just happens to have gotten lost in my mind, buried deep in crying babies and potty training woes ;)