Sunday, December 16, 2007


Ohhh I love this vest :) When I saw it I just had to snaggle it away for us :) After I initially saw it, I went back and *gasp* they were totally all gone :( SO I had to eBay it up hehehe. I was actually able to get a few pix this afternoon before we jumped into the car. It's so dark and wet and yucky out and the skies are too bright and it stinks for me who's camera by the way is dying a slow death. The warranty ran out 2 months ago, of course it's started it's decent into nonworkingville. Whatev, hopefully I will find the time to get on the sewing train again and make me some 'new camera' dollars :) Anyhoo, here's the only shot that turned out.

Oh and P.S.- You can see that the self inflicted mullet is growing out now and quite easily camouflaged with a good ole fashioned combover!