Saturday, May 03, 2008

Lemonade & Lightning Bugs

Us girls at Limevine are having our very first guest launch! It started on May 1st and lots of gorgeous auctions are currently running with more to come :) This has been the funnest group of ladies that joined in to party on the Vine! Not to mention the mass amounts of talent and creativity...and FUNNY! Oh my. Ok so here is my design, the skirt is mad full! I couldn't get a decent twirling shot though cause one time Taya fell down when I told her to twirl and now she is just so sure that she is going to fall again. I tell her she won't fall and she makes herself fall down on purpose just to prove me wrong. The words of Rafiki come to mind here.... It starts. Anyhoo, the launch, every listing just looks amazing! Presentation and designs both, these gals are top notch! All my favs in one place, gotta love it!!! So please do check out the launch here. And you can check out my own listing, Sand & Sea, right here! Thanks so much lovely people! Hope you are having a great weekend :)