Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Oh my word how I LOVE "new stuff". I was a little stressed so I needed some retail therapy, I don't care what anyone says, it does SO work! If feel better don't I? ;) I found this stinking adorable little tin, who knows what I will put in it, probably some sewing stuff since it matches my sewing room perfectly. It's so cute with that little bird nest and eggies and flailing feathers! Mmmm I love it!!! I also found this really neato wire mannequin type thingie, I'm gonna sew a cute little outfit for it! Obviously this is also for my sewing room, If I can find a proper place, cause otherwise I don't know where the heck to put it. There will be some changes happening in my sewing room, I'm going to start working on that cutting table I have been "going to start on" for like 6 months. Well now I REALLY AM going to start on it....right after the kitchen and my bedroom. OK, maybe before my bedroom. But that mankitchen I tell you, some moron thought it was necessary to SLATHER the wall in blue wallpaper glue before putting up the self gluing wallpaper. WHATEVER, now I'm on the hunt for my Mouse "briefcase" type thing with all my accessories in it, I need the scrubbing one cause I started doing it by and and....ummmm NO. WAY too much work. Then I thought of my handy dandy Mouse. That briefcase type container thingie is in the.....*dun dunn duuunnnnnn*....storage room.....ohhhh the dreaded storage room. It WAS clean....it really was....but that was a few months and more than a few house cleans ago....it's piled about 4/6 of the way up to the roof, and that doesn't count the perimeter which IS piled up the the roof. *Sigh* I guess skipping the spring cleaning didn't help much to prepare me for summer renovations.....

Anyways, I hope you like my "new stuff"...oh I also got a freaking unbelievably gorgeous mirror, but that is another post...at a later date....And I know I promised to show you some studio pix...and I will, but the ones I was going to show you are old now, and some things got broken so I need to replace them....After that I will show you :) Have an awesome day!!!!!